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2017 Year of the Fire Rooster

2015 Year of the Wood Sheep

Happy New Year. Chinese New Year falls on January 28, 2017. It will be the Year of the Fire Rooster (sometimes called the Red Rooster). Rooster years are busy years where hard work is rewarded.  This is a good year to be adaptable to change and be flexible in your thinking. This is a time to put your life on a schedule, your money on a budget, and take courageous action towards your goals. 

Fire Rooster year's are considered military years. Decide now whether you will be making the rules or following the rules of others. It's a year of big ideas and grandiose plans but these must be backed up with precise and consistent action or else little will come to fruition. This not a year to coast. This is your opportunity year when you can find like-minded others to work with. That said be wary of sideshow barkers who promise grand things and get rich quick schemes because it will only end up costing you money.

In 2017 people will speak their minds and not care who's feelings get hurt. On the other hand when it happens to them they will have their feathers ruffled and they will cry "foul" loudly and often. People will boast and assure they are right, even as their ship is sinking. Be mindful of this so you don't get caught up in this energy. 


Feng Shui Form by Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn

Does the position of your bed encourage restful sleep? What color should you paint a bathroom to promote health? What are symbols that attract good money qi? These are just a few of the practical questions answered in Feng Shui Form.

If you have been curious about the ancient art of Feng Shui and want to know more welcome to Feng Shui Form. You may have read other books and found the information conflicting and hard to apply. Well, the information in Feng Shui Form is straightforward and easy to access and adopt. There are tips for your home and office and an extensive list of the meanings behind symbols and cures. Paperback. $14.99

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Feng Shui Form by Donna Stellhorn

Kindle Version

New cover, same great information. Tips and easy to follow instructions for every room of the house plus an 80 page guide to Feng Shui cures. Where to place your lucky cat, money plant, protection mirrors and more. There's chapters on the meaning of color, how to use Feng Shui crystals, symbol cures like coins and much more. $9.99

Sage & Smudge by Stellhorn

Sage & Smudge by Donna Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn's best selling book.

Smudging—burning sage—is a Native American tradition for healing and clearing a space. This booklet outlines how to smudge to clear a person, place or thing. It also discusses different types of sage, how to make a smudge stick, and using sage with a shell or fan in the traditional manner. This book is consistently in the top ten list of best-sellers of spiritual titles reported by national distributors. Staple bound, 29 pp.

Sage & Smudge - eBook

Sage & Smudge by Donna Stellhorn

The eBook version comes as a PDF download. $4.95

Sage & Smudge

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How to Use Magical Oils by Stellhorn

Donna Stellhorn

Unearth the secrets of using over 50 magical oils (available at MoonriseMagic.com), including classic scents such as Lavender, Vanilla and Lilac. This book also gives information about using candles with oils, how to apply the oil and what color candle to use for the best results. 31 pp $9.99

How to Use Magical Oils

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Money & Prosperity Workbook

Donna Stellhorn

Just one exercise a day for six weeks will get you on the road to prosperity and success in you life. In the same way exercise helps you attain and maintain good physical health, this Workbook provides a series of exercises to maximize your prosperity muscles. Our Creator did not place you on Earth to know only hardship and struggle. Good people deserve the benefits of their efforts.  

New Expanded and Revised Version coming soon!

Fühl Dich wohl mit Feng Shui

Donna Stellhorn

An easy overview of Feng Shui for the home with line drawings and color plates throughout. Available in German only. Paperback, 170 pp. $14.95

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Lucky House Numbers


eBook available in the fall of 2017. Just $9.99

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